Healeaf Tea Sweepstakes

We would like to reward our customers, fans, and supporters with chance to win free sweepstakes in appreciation for their support!

Healeaf Tea Products

Winner will get all of Healeaf Tea products: Beauty Fruits (Beauty Tea), Jasmine Pearl (Stress Relief Tea), Lotus Rose (Skinny Tea).

How to make an entry?
There are many ways to make entries. You may do one of the followings and enter one, or you may do all of the followings to get many entries. 

1. Simply Like us or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. You may click buttons below to follow/like us. One Like will count as one entry. (If you like us on all three of them, you will get three entries)
* For Instagram, you must press "follow" on our Instagram page after clicking on the camera button below.



2. Tell people how much you love our teas! You may use Facebook, TwitterInstagram, or your own blog. Please include hashtag #healeaftea so we can find it! You may use button below if you are using Twitter. It may count as two entries.


    3. Share our blog posts! You can share it on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, or your own blog. You may do this by clicking on share button or retweeting/reposting from our social account page. Each share will also count as two entries.

    4. Subscribing our newsletter will also count as one entry. You can subscribe by entering email address on the bottom-right side of this website, during checkout, or on the pop-up box. 

    5. Write a review on our product! It will count as two entries for one review. If you write review on all three products, it will be six entries. Clicking on the product names will direct you to the product page: 

    Beauty Fruits (Beauty Tea), Jasmine Pearl (Stress Relief Tea), Lotus Rose (Skinny Tea).

    6. Get Healeaf Tea! Purchasing our tea will count as five entries for each product. For example, if you buy three teas, it will count as fifteen entries. Three purchases of one product will also count as nine entries. Click on product names above or click:

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    Winner announced for the last sweepstakes ended on Jan 31, 2016.

    We will be announcing next winner on Mar 31, 2016. Good Luck! :)