Free Tea

Win for all products free sweepstakes

We would like to reward our customers&fans with free sweepstakes!

Winner will get all of Healeaf Tea products: Lotus Rose (Skinny Tea), Beauty Fruits (Beauty Tea), and Jasmine Pearl (Stress Relief)

You can participate simply by following us, writing a review, or buying a product.

Click here to get more information and participate!


How to get a free product for review 

We are giving away our limited amount of products for social reviewers who has account on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, or blog.

In order to qualify, you should have:

  • A social account of 3000+ followers, or
  • A social account of 1000+ followers, and an Amazon account.

Don't worry if you don't qualify! Just send us an email so we can work on different ways to qualify :)

1. Subscribe our newsletter and follow us on social account. (See instructions for free sample)

2. Send us an email at:
Please provide us your social accounts, which tea you want to review, and a brief statement of why you want to review our product.

We will get back to you in 24-48 hours!