Doctor explained

About Skinny Tea (Lotus Rose)

Skinny tea-or Lotus rose- is a special mix of natural winter melon and Lotus leaf garnished with rose flowers and cassia seeds. Lotus leaf is a main ingredient for weight loss and is clinically used to treat obesity because it helps reduce blood fat in our body, increases metabolism, helps digestive system, and will treat diarrhea as well. These functions will lead to body slim eventually. Winter melon and rose flowers contain antioxidants, prevent skin pigmentation, and clean dirty blood cells in your body. It is also benefit your heart, immune system, eye vision, memory functioning, and increases mood. Cassia seeds treats kidney, intestine, liver and helps your eye vision. Combination of listed ingredients help you to lose unnecessary fat in your body in healthy and natural way while preventing and benefiting your whole body system.


About Beauty Tea (Beauty Fruits)

Beauty tea-or Beauty fruits- is selected mix of fruits consist of roselles, kiwis, pineapples, cantaloupes, plums, raisins. Each of the ingredients have different nutrients such as vitamin B, C, E, and more. These special ingredients will help your skin, such as preventing pigmentation, blemish reduction, and anti aging. Fresh and sweet flavor of this tea and vitamins in the tea will also put you into a good mood and give you a positive energy. This tea will promote metabolism, help digestive system, and immune system. This tea is very tasty. Guaranteed!


About Stress Relief Tea (Jasmine Pearl)

Stress relief tea-or Jasmine Pearl- is a hand-rolled tender green tea leaves scented with Jasmine blossoms. Jasmine blossoms are used in aroma therapy because it helps you relieve stress and feel relaxed. This green tea promotes blood flow and increases metabolism; it will detoxify your body and give you a healthy heart and healthy brain functioning. It also helps prevent heart-related issues and high blood pressure. With this cup of tea, your body will feel healthier, and Jasmine blossom scent will help you to relieve your stress, and relax your body and mind.


-Dr. Kwon. M.D., Family Practice Physician.