About us

Welcome to Healeaf Tea!

We are so excited to introduce our teas to all of you!
Please read below for a brief description of our new company, Healeaf Tea.

What is Healeaf Tea?

We are dedicated to provide high quality detox teas focusing on their functions, nutrients, and flavor so that our customers can achieve their ultimate health and overall wellness. We put our effort to make people healthier while helping achieve their diet goals. 

What does "Healeaf" stands for?

The word "Healeaf" is combination of the words "Heal" and "Leaf". We hope our customers heal their body with teas made from high quality leaves.

How are they made? How are they different from other teas?

We choose teas that are cultivated from well managed, high standard and environment friendly estates all over the world, and our teas are combination of tea leaves focusing on their functions. For example, our product "Lotus Rose" is a combination of tea leafs that help weight loss, so you will be able to get support for your diet goal-weight loss-with a natural tea. 

Do I need to buy a tea infuser?

No, our teas are in pyramid tea bags with best amount of tea leaves, so you don't need to put extra money to buy a tea cup or tea infuser. Easy brew!

What are the products we have?

We currently have teas for skinny(weight loss), beauty, and stress relief. You can look at detailed information in Products page. We are also planning on launching other functional teas, so please look forward to try our new products!

Can I drink it everyday?

Definitely! Our teas are healthy and flavorful, but it is not a medication. They are like other teas, and you may drink it everyday without side effects. 


Please contact us with any questions or suggestions so we can make our company better!

Thank you for choosing Healeaf Tea, let's get healthier!