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Lotus Rose - Skinny Tea

Healeaf tea - Lotus Rose - Skinny Tea, Beauty, Antioxidant, Detox
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Healeaf Tea - Lotus Rose - Weight Loss tea(12 Tea bags)

Skinny tea. Beauty&Antioxidant. Detox.


SKINNY TEA WEIGHT LOSS - Help weight loss by reducing blood fat, increasing metabolism, improving digestive system, aiding appetite control, and reducing bloating.

DETOX TEA BENEFITS - Rose flower and cassia seeds help naturally remove toxins from your body which results in detox and body cleanse. Winter melon and plenty of antioxidants also help prevent skin pigmentation, improve skin complexion, and help anti-aging.

FAST AND QUICK RESULTS - Many of our customers have experienced digestive system working immediately after drinking tea and have started to see weight loss results in a week.

100% ALL NATURAL TEA - This tea is special mix of natural teas. Free from artificial ingredients, sugar, sodium, chemical and preservatives. Natural healthy slimming tea.

EASY TO BREW HIGH QUALITY TEA - Made in pyramid tea bags for best brew. No need to buy and carry extra infuser or tea brewing cup, but works well with brewing cups as well.


- Ingredients: Special mix of winter melon and Lotus leaf garnished with rose flowers and cassia seeds.

- Flavor: Lotus Leaf & Rose - Unsweetened


Instruction: Soak tea bag in hot water and let it stay for couple minutes. Enjoy. Drink 1-2 cups in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night.

Become skinnier in healthy way by enjoying this heavenly cup of tea.


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