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Jasmine Pearl - Stress Relief Tea

Healeaf tea - Jasmine Pearl - Stress Relief Tea , Relax, Detox
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Healeaf Tea - Jasmine Pearl - Stress Relief (15 Tea bags)

Stress Relief. Relax&Detox. 


STRESS RELIEF AND RELAX - Jasmine blossom scent and green tea leaves help you relieve stress and feel relaxed. This scent is also used in aroma therapy for relaxation.

DETOX TEA BENEFITS - Help naturally remove toxins from your body which results in detox and body cleanse.

HEALTH FUNCTIONS - Promotes blood flow, increases metabolism, and help brain functioning. It also improves heart functions and helps prevent high blood pressure.

100% ALL NATURAL TEA - This tea is special mix of natural teas. Free from artificial ingredients, sugar, sodium, chemical and preservatives. Natural stress relief, relax, and detox tea.

EASY TO BREW HIGH QUALITY TEA - Made in pyramid tea bags for best brew. No need to buy and carry extra infuser or tea brewing cup, but works well with brewing cups as well.


- Ingredients: Hand-rolled tender green tea leaves scented with Jasmine blossoms.


- Flavor: Jasmine - Unsweetened


Instruction: Soak tea bag in hot water and let it stay for couple minutes. Enjoy. Drink 1-2 cups in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night.

Drink a cup of tea and make your day.


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