The Rule of 10 Minutes: Big Changes You Can Make with 10 Minutes.

October 10, 2016 Healeaf Tea

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Ten minutes is usually considered as a short period of time, and many people think it is not a big deal to spend ten minutes a day. However, you can do many things in ten minutes, and it can even change your life. Here are things you can do in ten minutes and how it changes your life.

Be at work 10 minutes earlier

When you get to the workplace right on time, you usually start working right away and don't have time to "get ready". If you be at work 10 minutes earlier, you can take some time to get ready for the work, and it gets much easier. Take a cup of coffee/tea and relax for few minutes, thinking what you are going to do, organizing desk, etc. can make much easier day.

Arrive 10 minutes earlier for an appointment

Whether you meet doctor, visit somebody, or hangout with your friends, being on time can build better relationship with people. There are many situations that can delay your arrival, and you may be late if you expect to arrive right on time. Many people give "unexpected heavy traffic" as an excuse for being late, but in fact, unexpected traffic cannot happen every time. Usually, the actual reason for people who be late every time is because they do not want to wait for others, and it can disappoint people. 

Wait for 10 minutes when you are getting angry

If something makes you uncomfortable, you may get upset. However, expressing your anger right away may make things difficult. People may think you are a bad-tempered person and may avoid talking to you. Sometimes, if you think about it, many things are nothing really. Think again if the thing really makes you angry while taking a deep breath for 10 minutes. Your relationship with people will get much easier.

Think about your day for 10 minutes before you to go bed

Before going to sleep, think of your day. How your day was, if there were any mistakes you made, and how to fix them so you don't make mistake anymore. Plan briefly what you are going to do tomorrow. Arranging your thoughts in you head can help your day and will help you to have more productive days.

Spend 10 minutes for expressing your love and appreciation

It is also important to show how much you love your family and friends. Many people forget to express their love and appreciation to people even though they actually love them. So, why don't you take some time to show your love? It will not also make those people happier, but also will make you feel happy and beloved as well.

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