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September 22, 2016 Healeaf Tea

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Many people are busy these days, and some of them loses good habits for better health. However, good habits can make your life healthier! We would like to introduce healthy habits for better life!


Have breakfast everyday.

Many people are busy going to work and do not eat breakfast. However, having breakfast makes a big difference on your body. It will give you energy and make you happier during the day. It may feel uncomfortable if you start having breakfast (especially for those who have sensitive digestive system), and it is because your stomach is not used it at first. However, it will eventually get better and you may see the difference.


Less sugar, less salt.

Too much salt and sodium can be cause of many diseases including high blood pressure. Also, sugar may result in blood fat, weakened immune system, and diabetes. However, we cannot live without sugar and salt, so try to eat less of them and keep in mind that they are bad for your health. You may be able to control sugar/salt consumption by just reminding yourself.


Try not to drink coffee and tea on empty stomach.

Drinking coffee or tea in the morning is one of the common routine for adults. (including myself). However, they are somehow "strong" drink and can stimulate your stomach. In extreme cases, they caused stomach ulcer. Therefore, have breakfast and drinking coffee/tea would be much better for your health!


Eat at home.

It is also common that people either eat out or carry out their meals. However, it is much healthier to cook food for yourself because many restaurants and fast food chains less care about your meal. Some of them use lower quality ingredients and/or use and do not really care about hygiene.


Eat fruits and vegetables (or vitamins).

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Even if you had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it may not satisfy daily needs of vitamins. For example, you had donut for breakfast, slice of cheese pizza for lunch, and cheese burger for dinner. In this case, you did not get enough necessary vitamins and minerals and your health could be deteriorated. Therefore, it will be better to have fruits and vegetables, or if you can't, take multivitamins as a substitution. 

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