5 Tips on Getting Rid of Lower Belly Fat

August 08, 2016 Healeaf Tea

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Belly fat is often a problem when you try to lose weight. Here are other tips on getting rid of belly fat, especially lower belly fat.

1. Drink Enough Water

Water helps eliminate body waste from your body. If your body lacks of water, it does not excrete harmful substance and waste from your body. It remains in your lower part of your belly. It is recommended to four bottles of water, or 60~70 oz of water everyday in order to eliminate those wastes. 

2. Prevent Constipation

Constipation is also a common problem people have. However, it could be one of the reasons of having fat belly. Eating foods that have enough fiber, or taking fiber supplement can help prevent and treat constipation.

3. Focus on Cardio Workouts

Some people who have belly fat try to focus on abdominal workouts only. However, doing only abs don't work well for people who have lower belly fat. In order to take it's effect, cardio workouts (or whole body workouts) should be done along with the abdominal exercises. 

4. Eat slower

Eating fast could result in excessive eating because people don't feel full while eating fast. Eating too much is also not good for your health. Slow eating can also be a way to control appetite.

5. Don't get stressed

Being stressful is hard to avoid. However, it can interrupt your digestive system, and it results in leaving body waste which results in getting belly fat. Try to get rid of stress by meditation, exercising, or your own way to prevent it. Healeaf tea - Jasmine Pearl can also help reduce stress. You may see it by clicking here.

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