5 Showering Tips for Healthier Body

June 30, 2016 Healeaf Tea

Shower tips - Healeaf tea

 We shower everyday, and there are some ways to make it better. Here are tips on better quality shower.

1. Shower no more than once a day

Some people take shower more than once a day. However, it may harm your immune system and "good" bacteria in your body. People need to maintain good bacteria which protect their skin, and showering too much could eliminate those bacteria. It is recommended to take shower every other day if you don't get sweat during the day.

2. Avoid direct contact with water from shower head

High water pressure may harm skin if it directly hits your face. Also, people usually shower using hot water, and it also may harm your facial skin. Since facial skin is very sensitive, it is recommended to wash face gently with hands or facial products with warm water. 

3. Dry shower towels completely

Shower towels, especially ball type, should be dried completely before next use because bacteria could be generated in humid condition. It is recommended to put shower towel in dry condition and should be replaced every other month. 

4. Take shower with warm water

Many people use hot water in shower, but it could decrease shower efficiency. With hot water, you could be sweat and get oily after shower. Also, it could increase aging of your skin. Cold water can make your muscle and skin strained. Therefore, we would like to recommend readers use warm water in shower.

5. Wash away soap completely

Leftover soap in your body and hair could also generate bacteria. Especially, leftover shampoo is one of the causes of pimples and acne problems. Before you step out of the shower, make sure wash one more time.

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