Exercise Plan for Everyone - 4 Weeks Fitness Guide with Lotus Rose

April 19, 2016 Healeaf Tea

Exercise Plan for beginners & Workout routine with Skinny Tea (Lotus Rose) - 4 Weeks fitness guide

For starters, planning for workout is the hardest thing to do especially when you don't have enough time period. Here is 1 month(or 4 weeks) workout plan for you! (no equipment required.)

It may be hard or complicated for some busy people to calculate all of the nutritions, fat, calories. So we are going to offer you a simple&easy way. Eat 2/3 of average meal, eat more vegetables, less sugar, or just use your knowledge to decide what to eat or not. One more thing, don't eat at night or at least 4 hours before going to sleep.

Lotus Rose-our Skinny tea
Reason why we recommend you to drink our skinny tea with your workout plan is because it will boost results. Because you are exercising every day, lots of your body energy is used for recovering your muscle. They may be used less on digesting or inner body function. Lotus Rose has function of helping digestive system, as well as weight loss-skinny-function. This combo will amplify the synergy! 

Main exercise
Before we start, we are going to introduce a main exercise:
2-1 jogging - Jog for two minutes, walk for one minutes. 
This is one of the proven ways to perform jogging effectively. This is a essential workout for your full body workout, cardio, and enhance metabolism. If you don't like doing same exercise everyday, you may choose to do alternative exercises as a substitution for main exercise once or twice a week. 
Alternative exercises: Elliptical, bicycle, stair climbing, or jump roping.

Now, lets go over our workout routines. We recommend you to repeat a weekly plan for four weeks or more because they are the most essential workouts that contain full body workout and body shaping, and that's all you need! The weekly plan contains 5 main exercise days and 2 stretching days, and optional one day rest after a week. Either you can make up your own routine, or you can follow our recommended routine.

Weekly Exercise Plan

Day 1
- 50 minutes of main exercise.
- one cup of lotus rose-skinny tea.

Day 2
- 50 minutes of main exercise.
- 10 planks [one plank: 20 seconds plank position, 10 seconds rest]
Example of plank:,,20813896,00.html
- one cup of lotus rose-skinny tea.

Day 3
- 30 minutes of stretching exercises. You may do any type of stretching exercises or google it. 
Here is an example:
- one cup of lotus rose-skinny tea.

Day 4
- 50 minutes of main exercise.
- 10 minutes of burpees 
Example of burpees:
- one cup of lotus rose-skinny tea.

Day 5
- 50 minutes of main exercise.
- one cup of lotus rose-skinny tea.

Day 6
- 50 minutes of main exercise.
- 10 minutes of jumping jacks
Example of Jumping jacks:
- 10 minutes of squats
Example of squats:
- 10 minutes of single leg deadlift
- one cup of lotus rose-skinny tea.

Day 7 
- 30 minutes of stretching exercises.

Day 8 (Optional)
- Rest for a day if you feel sore. Repeat Day 1-7 routine from the next day.


Try this routine and you will see changes! Get healthier, get skinnier!


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